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, Sanpete County Sheriff's Offic
Logan McFarland was arrested Tuesday in connection with a recent double homicide in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, as well as a weekend shooting and carjacking in West Wendover, Utah.

MANTI — Utah charges are expected to be filed Wednesday against a Sanpete County woman accused of going on a multi-state crime spree, including a carjacking, shooting, high-speed chase and double homicide.

Sanpete County Attorney Brody Keisel said Tuesday that he anticipates his office will file burglary charges Wednesday against Angela Hill, also known as Angela Atwood.

"These aren't going to be the final charges by any means," he said Tuesday. "The reason these charges have been filed is for purposes of establishing bail, making sure we're confident they are secured while in the custody of the Nevada authorities."

Hill, 25, and Logan McFarland, 24, were arrested Jan. 3 in a remote area outside of Oasis, Nev. They are being investigated in connection with the killing of Woody and Ann Fullwood during a burglary at their home in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County.

In a hearing Friday, Hill — who has been charged with attempted murder in Nevada in connection with an unrelated carjacking — waived extradition to Utah.

She and McFarland are also facing charges of kidnapping with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and/or robbery, and committing a crime in a stolen vehicle in Nevada.

But Keisel said it may be some time before she or McFarland is extradited to Utah.

"They had some events that occurred in Nevada and right now, they plan to move their prosecution ahead over there," he said of the pair. "Presently, it's a moot point, about actually getting them physically in our custody and our jail."

For now, McFarland and three other individuals are facing charges related to the burglary at the Fullwood home, which investigators believe was the motive that eventually led to the deaths of the couple.

Though Sanpete County prosecutors wish Hill and McFarland had been captured in Utah, they are relieved that McFarland and Hill are in jail and will continue to build their case against them.

"Presently Nevada has them in their custody and they are the ones pursuing the prosecution," Keisel said. "We're absolutely pursuing the prosecution here, but right now they are in control."

Hill and McFarland are charged with carjacking a woman in the parking lot of the Red Garter Casino. Hill allegedly pushed the victim into the passenger seat at gunpoint and drove her vehicle while McFarland followed in a second car.

At one point, police say the woman fought back, biting Hill. Both women ended up outside of the vehicle during a struggle for Hill's gun. After the victim regained control of her vehicle and drove off, she felt McFarland's vehicle strike her from behind, jail documents state. She then "heard a gunshot and felt an object strike her in the head."

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The woman remained conscious and was able to drive herself to the police station. A bullet fragment was recovered from the left side of the woman's head, the charges state.

While no murder charges have yet been filed in the deaths of Woody and Ann Fullwood, several court documents filed in both Utah and Nevada strongly suggest McFarland and Hill may have been involved in the double killing.

Police said individuals have "provided information that they suspected the two individuals were involved in the deaths of the Fullwoods in Mount Pleasant," an Elko County Jail report states.

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