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"Women of Faith in the Latter-days: Volume One 1775-1820" edited by Richard E. Turley Jr. and Brittany A. Chapman was one of the top selling Deseret Book products the first week of January.

A list of Deseret Book's top selling products for Jan. 2-7.


1. "Increase in Learning," David A. Bednar

A new interactive book that will help readers answer life’s important questions.

2. "Verse by Verse: The Book of Mormon Vol. 1, 1 Nephi through Alma 29"

The newest study reference for the Book of Mormon.

3. "Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories," Karmel H. Newell

A recent revision of the Book of Mormon stories is a timeless treasure for families.

4. "Life's Lessons Learned," Dallin H. Oaks

A personal and inside look at Elder Oaks’ life.

5. "Women of Faith in the Latter Days: Vol. 1 1775-1820," Richard Turley, Brittany Chapman

A book of individual profiles on remarkable women.

6. "Verse by Verse: The Book of Mormon Vol. 2, Alma 30 through Moroni 10"

The second volume of the newest study reference for the Book of Mormon

7. "Your Happily Ever After," Dieter F. Uchtdorf

An illustrated book from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

8. "Sunset on the Passing of Those We Love," S. Michael Wilcox

A thoughtful and sensitive book that chronicles Wilcox's journey through the passing of his wife.

9. "LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference," Robert Millet, Camille Fronk Olson, Andrew Skinner, Brent Top

This landmark work is a guide to distinctive LDS doctrines.

10. "Teachings of Thomas S. Monson," Thomas S. Monson

A lifetime of teachings from President Thomas S. Monson.


1. "Choose the Right: Songs for Children 2012"

2. "Every Step," Hilary Weeks

3. "This is the Christ," Mormon Tabernacle Choir

4. "Live What I Know: Honoring the Values of Young Women"

5. "Wish Upon a Star," Jenny Oaks Baker


1. "17 Miracles" (DVD)

2. "Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold"

3. "Nephi and the Brass Plates" and "The Tree of Life Animated Stories"

4. "Amazing: Offical 2010-2011 BYU Basketball Documentary"

5. "History of the Saints"


1. "Farm Wisdom for City Folks," John Bytheway

2. "Michael Wilcox Collection," S. Michael Wilcox

3. "What’s on the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us," Brent L. Top

4. "Letters in the Jade Dragon Box," Gale Sears

5. "John Bytheway Collection"