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On Jan. 15, Michelle King will talk with LDS therapist and author Kim Nelson about “Getting Past ‘If Only,’” his new book.

I’ve always loved Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.” It talks about two different roads/paths presenting themselves in our lives, although we can only travel one — hoping to come back someday and take the other. Yet we know we likely won’t. So we choose the road we want to take — the one less traveled — and that choice makes all the difference in who we are and what we become.

The poem is so appealing to me because it it’s not the road we are “forced” to take. It’s the road we “choose” for ourselves — hopefully, with no regrets.

I sometimes wonder how life would be different if I had taken other paths I was eyeing — becoming a schoolteacher, moving to California to work at a news station or making different, major decisions in my personal life.

This Sunday, Jan. 15, LDS therapist and author Kim Nelson will be with us to talk about “Getting Past ‘If Only,’” the title of his new book. We’ll find out how we can move beyond feeling guilty when we don’t meet our high expectations of what we should achieve, how we should behave, and how others should treat us. Basically, we’ll chat about how we can find some peace in our lives, despite the hurts and pains we all experience.

We’ll also put a smile on your face as we watch the Left Field Stand Up Comedy group in action. They got started at BYU with the promise to perform fun, family-friendly material. Now, they’re taking their brand of “clean” on the road and on to a DVD. We’ll show you how they keep their comedic standards high while avoiding vulgarity. And we will be giving away several free copies on our Facebook page, so tune in Sunday to find out how you can get one.

You’ll see how thousands of California young single adults party in a wholesome way. And you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created those beautiful new Bible videos.

For many families, the highlight of the week is a letter home from their missionary. Now — along with showing your missionaries’ pictures on air — we’d also like to share some of the incredible, uplifting experiences from their letters. Just send those excerpts and photos to

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