SwarmBuilder, which links subject experts with sales professionals including retailers, announced today that the company will change its name eXperticity according to an embargoed release this morning. The change comes because of the idea that when buying a product, everyone wants to work with an expert. The company's two main services will still be www.3point5.com, and www.ProMotive.com, and the company's headquarters will stay in Salt Lake City.

Brands want credible and authentic experts backing their products, the company said in a statement. The focus of eXperticity is to give customers, in all facets, the experience of working with a trusted expert. The company will be launching some new services in the coming months, the first of which deals with scoring the quality, experience, and knowledge of experts.

Tom Stockham, CEO of eXperticity, said retail sales professionals that are knowledgable, designers and builders of good products, and the people who rely on such products every day are extremely important role on consumers' purchasing decisions. The new brand for the company aims to show customers that all of its products are made and sold by experts.

3point5.com trains retail sales associates on a brand's product line and aims to improve sales numbers as a result of that knowledge. ProMotive.com tries to help brands connect to thousands of credible professionals whose product benefits them according to the embargoed release. eXperticity originally started in the outdoor industry but is branching out to footwear, apparel, fashion, beauty, and aftermarket automotive industries.