Five "Mysterious Mormon Moms" take on some of Mormon myths in a new podcast.

Five “Mysterious Mormon Moms” are dispelling Mormon myths using a new podcast. In this first podcast, they look at the common myth that Mormons all support the same political candidate and the myth that Mormon moms are always barefoot and pregnant. Click in to give a listen or check out one of the mom’s blog, “Classic Mormon Mom,” that is subtitled “Are the urban legends you hear about Mormons really true? One Mormon Mom tells what it is actually like to be and believe as a Latter-day Saint (LDS). Other delightful bits and pieces about life mixed in.” Cool!

Looking for some new Primary lesson resources? Well, I am really excited about the "It’s Time for Sharing" site being put together by bloggers who wish to help teachers:

  • Keep Christ as the focus of our lessons.
  • Invite and incorporate the Spirit.
  • Be scripture-based.
  • Teach solid principles without relying on "cute" or "fluff."
  • Promote active rather than passive learning.
  • Reflect the varied personal experiences of children around the world.

Wow! One lesson is already uploaded, and I hope you will keep an eye on this blog. I certainly plan to! (Also be sure to check out another amazing Primary resource down below in the Techie Tip.)

Want to find a whole bunch of LDS authors in one place? Well, look no farther than the "LDS Author Network" that has a myriad LDS author photos all nicely organized. And by clicking onto any of the photos, you find a biography, Facebook and blog information, and what that author has written. It’s a nice site for estabished and new authors, and readers hoping to connect with their favorite Mormon authors. Check it out.

"The Red-Headed Hostess" has an awesome site layout. I loved scrolling through her sidebar that includes holiday inspirations, home and garden helps, popular posts, scripture study tips, teaching ideas and even a tour through the site. Click in to learn why this blogger touts the importance of “being the hostess to your own life and family.”

Mormon Wookiee is just a cool blog moniker. What is a Mormon Wookiee? This first blog post helps. "The Mormon Wookiee" began after last general conference. He blogs, “Basically, I just felt a very strong desire to spread the gospel but in a humorous way befitting my personality.” For a good example check out his five reasons why being a Mormon is fantastic including this fun reason: “Being a Mormon is like being a Jedi. In order to be a Jedi, you have to sacrifice and obey strict Jedi-type laws, but as a result, you get to carry a lightsaber, you can enjoy performing mind tricks on stormtroopers and you can move things around just by waving your hands. Clearly, being a Jedi is the way to go. Now, what does this have to do with being a Mormon? Well, Mormons also have to sacrifice and obey the commandments, but as a result, they are blessed with peace, happiness and hope for the future (and maybe a lightsaber if they know where to find one).”

Finally, you can find all sorts of beautiful (and many are free) printables on the "Proclamation Pictures" blog. I love the newest Valentine’s Day print. Or there’s Primary-themed prints, temple prints, family prints and so much more. Click in, download on and print out!

Now let me highlight other new stuff to highlight from the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: I am so excited to see a new Mormon Messages video playlist full of “New Testament Stories” that can be used to teach your family or church classes simple but beautiful and important lessons from the scriptures. Similar in format to “Book of Mormon Stories,” this playlist includes 65 new videos to use and enjoy. Please check it out!

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Techie tip: Starting this month, the Friend magazine is producing even more “Children’s Lessons Helps.” The site is still in construction, but there are still many nice resources for families and teachers already available. As Larry Richman explains, “Parents can browse by gospel topic to discover online church resources. Primary teachers can click on the lesson they are teaching to find relevant stories, activities and media. Weekly thoughts and tips. Every Friday, (we) will post an idea on how to use the Friend and Liahona to teach children or will provide a message of encouragement.” Awesome! Click in to learn more.

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