Mormon Messages
A quote from the newest Mormon Messages video on feeling the Holy Ghost.

Mormon Channel: Did you see my note last week about the fact that Sister Julie B. Beck, the general Relief Society president, is taking questions from blog comments this week and then recording her answers live on the Mormon Channel? Well the information went racing across cyberspace, and on Kathryn Skaggs' Facebook feed, a commenter noted that “Did you also know that you can email her questions for the RS program on the Mormon Channel at and they could be answered in an upcoming Relief Society question and answer episode (she records them monthly). You may also record your question by calling 1-877-MYLDS32 and leave your question.” Wow! Here is a link to the Relief Society Mormon Channel for more information.

Mormon message: “For me it comes in a lot of levels or layers” explained one interviewee about “Feeling the Holy Ghost: Power of the Holy Spirit” in the newest Mormon Messages video. Click in for another great video lesson that you can share with your friends, families, students, and even those interested in learning more about Mormonism. Awesome.

Richard Elliot: Did you know that the BYU Jerusalem Center pipe organ is celebrating its 25th anniversary? In honor of that, organist Richard Elliot of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, performed a special “Organ Concert” a few nights ago. I wish I had audio, but these beautiful photos will have to suffice. Enjoy!

FHE idea: I love this "New Year's" themed family home evening lesson plan. Pretty much you sit down with your family and brainstorm ways you want to make FHE better for the year. Some of the ones this blogger's family came up with "Chocolate for the treat; Outings for FHE once every two months; A hug at the beginning and end of FHE." Love it!

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