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Elder Nathan Jensen, of Utah, and Elder Benjamin Hansen from Idaho were highlighted in the News & Star in Carlise, England.

In the United Kingdom, the News & Star featured two missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in Carlisle, England.

“It’s definitely hard being away from our families…” said Elder Nathan Jensen of Utah. “Being in the service of others definitely helps lessen the longing.” His companion, Elder Benjamin Hansen from Idaho noted that he enjoys the city and commented on the many young families.

Also among news across the pond, according to Gadling, a blog from the Huffington Post, the London England Temple was listed in “8 must-see temples in London, United Kingdom.”

“Outside, visitors can stroll around the well-manicured lawns, tall oak trees, and reflective pond. At night, the temple takes on a new mood as it seems to glow bright white against a black backdrop."

In the United States, the transcripts from the semi-annual Faith Angle Forum are now available online.

The forum is sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center. The event, which was in Miami in November 2011, included a lecture by David Campbell, a member of the LDS Church and professor of political science at University of Notre Dame,

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Titled “Mormonism and Politics: Historical and Contemporary Issues,” Campbell addressed the issues of “how voters respond to information about Mitt Romney’s religious background, … how it is that voters perceive his Mormonism, and … what we might think of as buffers to information that are sometimes provided about Mormons when they run for office.”

In Las Vegas, an avenue is being named after a pioneering developer of the area, as reported by Las Vegas Review Journal.

“Boyd Bulloch, namesake of Bulloch Street, was a businessman, Mormon leader and North Las Vegas City Councilman when his new hometown of North Las Vegas was but a flicker of what it is today,” the Journal reported.