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Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
SWAT officers and detectives work on the scene of a shooting at around 3250 Jackson Ave in Ogden Wednesday, January 4, 2012. Early reports indicate that as many as six officers were shot in the melee.

OGDEN — Six police officers who were serving a search warrant were shot and injured in Ogden Wednesday night.

A person believed to be involved in the shooting was also shot and is in police custody said Marcy Korgenski, assistant police chief with the Ogden Police Department. The shooting took place at 3268 Jackson a little before 9 p.m.

Korgenski said officers injured were with the Ogden Police Department and Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force, which focuses on curbing the sale of illegal drugs and criminal activity related to the use and distribution of illegal drugs.  

All six injured officers as well as the person in custody were taken to area hospitals. Their conditions are currently unknown.

Nearby witnesses say they heard three quick pops followed by a two to three minute pause, then lots of gunfire.

"We came running outside to see what was going on," said Janessa Vanderstappen, who lives nearby. "Officers told us to go back in our house."

Vanderstappen said she went back inside, and minutes later heard yelling coming from the backyard. She said she walked onto the back porch to see officers addressing a person hiding in a nearby shed.

"There's cops telling him to 'put your hands up, put your hands up,'" she said.

More information will be posted as it comes available.

Molly Farmer, Twitter: mollyfarmer