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MT. PLEASANT, Sanpete County — The father of Angela Hill, the Fairview woman arrested Tuesday in a brief but violent crime spree that stretched from Sanpete County to Wells, Nev., said he was threatened last week by his daughter's alleged partner in crime.

Mike Atwood, who owns a granite installation business in Fairview, said Logan McFarland told him, “If I interfered with (their relationship), I would be looking down the (barrel)  of a rifle.”

Atwood said he can’t account for his daughter’s involvement with McFarland, or her alleged participation in a double homicide in Mt. Pleasant nor a carjacking and shooting in West Wendover. Police say the day after the killings, Hill and McFarland carjacked a West Wendover woman, 35. The victim was able to overpower Hill and escape Saturday, but court documents say Hill fired a shot at the victim as she drove away.

“I don’t understand,” Atwood said of his daughter. “She is not a violent person.”

Atwood said the threat from McFarland came last week, shortly before his daughter and McFarland left Sanpete County to allegedly continue their crime spree in Utah and Nevada.

The two were apprehended Tuesday afternoon at a ranch near Wells, Nev.

On Sunday, the bodies of Dorothy Ann Fullwood, 69, and her husband Leroy Woody Fullwood, 70, were discovered in their Mt. Pleasant home. Investigators say the two had been shot to death and their house had been ransacked, likely Thursday night.

Mt. Pleasant police were asked to check on the Fullwoods after a receipt using the Fullwoods' credit card was discovered in a car that police believe was stolen by McFarland and Hill. That car may have been stolen in Santaquin, where another vehicle stolen from Moroni resident Allison Boudreaux was left.

According to a recently released police affidavit, Hill and McFarland excused themselves from a party at Boudreaux’s house in Moroni on the night of Dec. 29. When they returned to the party a few hours later, they allegedly bragged that they had secured guns and money.

During the time they left the party, police suspect the two drove to Mt. Pleasant, about five miles east of Moroni. The Fullwoods were believed to have been killed during a burglary.

A subsequent search of Boudreaux’s house turned up some of the Fullwoods’ belongings.

Tuesday, a tearful Mike Atwood said his daughter was engaged to be married to a soldier — a Marine returning from a tour in Afghanistan.

He said he had never met McFarland before he recently began seeing his daughter. “I don’t have a clue who he is.”

Hill celebrated Christmas with her parents and family. Her father said he learned of her disappearance when Boudreaux called him Friday and asked where her car was. She claimed Hill and McFarland had taken it.

Atwood, who has two other children, said his daughter had never been involved in anything more than a petty crimes. As far as he knew, she “had never used a gun. We don’t keep guns.”

Hours before the arrests were made, an emotional Atwood said he feared his daughter was dead. He also said he wished he could do or say something to help ease the pain of the Fullwoods’ relatives.

“I feel terrible,” he said.