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Mark "Joe" Bedwell

1. VERNAL, Jan. 20 — Mark "Joe" Bedwell, 46, died after being stabbed three times by his roommate, William Robert Feldmiller. Feldmiller was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. He told police he stabbed Bedwell after he was told during a drunken argument to move out. Motive: Anger. Method: Stabbing.

2. SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 16 — James Anderson Porter, 48, was found stabbed to death in a carport near 226 W. Orchard Place (542 South). Bennett James Pace, 53, was found nearby with blood on his hands, coat, pants and shoes. Pace, Porter and another woman were drinking together just prior to the incident. The woman told police both men attempted to rape her and then got into a fight with each other. Pace has been ordered to stand trial on charges of murder, aggravated robbery and attempted rape, all first-degree felonies. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Stabbing.  

3. DUCHESNE, March 5 — Riylin Paige Gilley, 2 months, died at Primary Children's Medical Center as a result of fatal brain injuries. She had been at the hospital on life support since Feb. 28. The girl's mother, Samantha Lynn Gilley, entered a no-contest plea to child abuse homicide, a second-degree felony, and was sentenced to 150 days in jail and 36 months of probation, with a prison term of one to 15 years that is suspended unless Gilley fails on probation. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shaking. 

4 and 5. PROVO, March 14 — Karen Murray, 67, and Catherine Crane, 63, were both killed in a fire at the Boulders Apartments, 750 S. 650 West. Another tenant, Yvette Kimber, was charged with two counts of murder after allegedly setting the fire in a suicide attempt, but then backing out at the last minute. Alleged motive: Suicide attempt. Method: Arson.

6. LEHI, March 15 — Sarah Davis, 23, was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Stephen Brad Davis, 25, who then turned the gun on himself. The woman, who was found dead in the driver's seat of her vehicle, arrived at the home to pick up the couple's two children, ages 5 and 2. The husband was found in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Witnesses reported that he climbed into the vehicle, a brief argument ensued and then shots were fired. Later, notes were recovered showing Brad Davis intended to harm his wife. Motive: Anger, domestic. Method: Shooting.

7. PROVO, March 18 — Omar Abas Sharif, 28, was smothered to death with a pillow at the Utah State Hospital. His roommate, James Norman, 33, was reportedly upset with Sharif's snoring and police say he killed him. Norman has a history of criminal offenses, including impersonating a police officer, head butting his attorney, sexual battery and disorderly conduct. He was at the state hospital when the killing occurred because he was found incompetent to stand trial in another case. No charges have yet been filed in Sharif's death, however. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Asphyxiation. 

8. KEARNS, March 25 — Christina "Nina" Harms, 22, died as a result of dehydration and positional asphyxia from ongoing abuse, including being bound crucifixion-style inside a closet at her home, 4978 S. 5415 West, for extended periods of time. Harms suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome. Her primary caregiver, Cassandra Shepard, 27, was charged with murder. Dale and Sherrie Beckering, who also lived in the house, were charged with intentional aggravated abuse of a disabled person. Dale Beckering, 53, was convicted of a lesser charge and acting recklessly. The other two have not yet gone to trial. Alleged motive: Improper care. Method: Dehydration asphyxiation, sedatives, confinement. 

9. SOUTH SALT LAKE, April 22 — Berenisse Torres-Vega, 23, was found dead after being attacked with a hammer inside her apartment, 3372 S. 200 East, that she shared with Cesar Bastida, 22. Investigators believe Bastida attacked Torres-Vega with a hammer and then used the hammer on himself before fatally stabbing himself with a kitchen knife. A friend of Torres-Vega said her fiance had seen her dancing with another man during a recent trip to Mexico. Motive: Unknown, possibly jealousy. Method: Blunt force with hammer.

10. DRAPER, April 27 — Utah State Prison inmate Alfonso Lopez, 27, died as a result of massive internal bleeding after being beaten and stomped on. His cellmate, Jacob Ecker, was charged with murdering him during an argument. Ecker later told investigators that he "let loose" on Lopez and that he was sadistic and enjoyed watching Lopez suffer. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Beating.  

11. SALT LAKE CITY, April 29 — Jennifer Schubach, 39, was strangled to death in a residence at 532 N. 200 West. Her boyfriend, Todd Eugene Anderson, was charged with murder. Police say he told them he choked her because he "wanted to shut her up." Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Strangulation, amphetamines. 

12. WEST VALLEY CITY, May 4 — Carter Andus, a 4-month-old baby boy, died after approximately two weeks in the hospital. The baby boy’s father, Jeremy Wade Andus, 19, was charged with murder and possession of drug paraphernalia. Carter apparently had two serious head injuries and internal injuries. Andus told police a dog ran past him on his way out of the house,  knocking the car seat he was carrying at the time to the ground,  injuring the baby. Police say his story doesn’t match the injuries. Alleged motive: Child abuse. Method: Shaking, blunt force.

13. SALT LAKE CITY, May 5 — Jorge Veracruz, 29, was shot three times in broad daylight in Riverside Park near 700 North and 1400 West while hundreds were attending nearby baseball games. Bystanders tackled Francisco Alverez on a bicycle and he was charged with murder. Witnesses said the two had been fighting. Alvarez told police Veracruz tried to rob him. Alvarez had previously served time for a 1979 murder conviction in Ogden. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Shooting.

14. MILLCREEK, May 5 — Police were called to the apartment of Angela Michelle Jenkins, 44, at 2230 E. 3300 South on a medical call and found the woman dead. Police say she was beaten to death and may have been assaulted for 10 hours before she died. Her boyfriend, James Rafael Sanchez, 24, was charged with murder. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Beating, strangling.

15. PROVO, May 17 — Andy Purcell, 32, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head on the porch of his home at 541 S. 300 East in what police believe was a contract killing. Yuri Sanchez Lara, 32, Danny Logue, 45, and Darrell Morris, 38, are charged with aggravated murder. Robin Jackson, 36, and Joshua Ian Stansbury, 37, are charged with obstructing justice. An informant told police that one man ordered the shooting after Purcell told police about a cache of drugs. Investigators said Lara contacted Morris and ordered an assault on Purcell; in return, Lara would pay Morris with meth. A confidential informant told police that Lara believed Purcell had provided officers with information that resulted in meth being found in a storage unit Lara had in Orem. Alleged motive: Revenge. Method: Shooting.

16. SALT LAKE CITY, May 27 — The body of Jessica Jensen, 25, was discovered beneath a mattress at the Capitol Motel, 1749 S. State, after an employee reported a foul smell coming from the room. She had been stabbed 15 times in the back. Thomas Kumalac was charged with murder. Police say he told them he'd had thoughts about harming people since he was 9 or 10 and was "fueled by the movies he watched," particularly the horror film "Hostel." He allegedly used a knife he had earlier given Jensen for protection. Alleged motive: Unknown. Method: Stabbing.

17. LAPOINT, Uintah County, June 18 — James Edward Carey, 25, was shot and killed during a dispute between two groups. Bruce Silva, 23, was later identified as the alleged gunman. Silva is one of seven people charged in connection with the crime, including three of Silva's brothers, Adrian Silva, 23; Alberto Silva Jr., 19; and Kevin Silva, 20; Bruce Silva's girlfriend Shadow Reed, 23; another woman, Teaunna Cesspooch, 19; and Colin Rian Manning, 24. They are all facing charges of murder, among other things. Bruce Silva reportedly thought someone had vandalized his car and was going with a group to a home just to scare people. Alleged motive: Revenge. Method: Shooting.

18. SOUTH JORDAN, June 21 — Jana Lynn Irwin, 46, was shot and killed by her husband, Douglas Irwin, 51, before he shot himself and died two days later. Jana Irwin had filed for divorce the day before. The couple arrived at South Jordan City Park, 10950 S. Redwood Road, and were observed having a conversation under a pavilion. Witnesses said they did not notice any argument or red flags. But as they were walking back to their car, police say the husband shot his wife in the head and then shot himself. Two of Irwin's previous three wives had at one point filed for protective orders against him. Motive: Domestic. Method: Shooting.

19. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 28 — Cristina Matilde Trujillo, 41, was shot by Jose Rodriguez Osorio, 28, near the front entrance of La Azteca Indoor Bazaar Swap Meet, 3952 W. 3500 South. Osorio then turned the gun on himself, inflicting a fatal injury. Detectives believe Osorio went to the swap meet seeking out Trujillo. She was shot following a brief conversation. Friends said the two were only acquaintances but had had some friction leading up to the shooting. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting.

20. SALT LAKE CITY, July 6 — Emmett Schad, 27, of Taylorsville, was stabbed to death on a TRAX platform at 340 W. South Temple. Robert Earl Wallace, 45, and Moses Geng, 33, were both charged with murder. The two men reportedly believed Schad had stolen a bottle of vodka from them in Pioneer Park and went looking for him. Alleged motive: Revenge. Method: Stabbing.

21. OGDEN, July 13 — Tony Lamont Hairston, 42, a transient, was shot and killed on a front porch, 524 29th Street, where he frequented. No arrests have been made in the case. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting.

22. RICHFIELD, July 17 — James Lawton, 77, was found dead on the side of the road after an assault. His son, William Lawton, 30, was charged with aggravated murder. Originally, William Lawton called police claiming his father was attacked following a traffic accident. But investigators said the evidence pointed to the son. His mother told police her son came home with blood on his hands and police say William Lawton had "a history of violence against the victim." Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Beating.

23. SALINA, Sevier County, Aug. 3 — Tina Bates, 39, was shot and killed in a murder-suicide. Police said Bates and Tracy Hill, 50, had been dating for several years, but had recently broken up. Bates' teenage son was also confronted by Hill following the shooting at 289 N. 100 East, but he managed to escape and call 911. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting.

24. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 9 — George Davila, 24, was stabbed inside a Kohl's store at 3031 S. 5600 West and died the next day. Jose Angel Gonzales, 21, was charged with murder. Police believe the incident started when Davila reportedly made derogatory remarks about Gonzales' rival gang Dog Town. Alleged motive: Anger, gangs. Method: Stabbing.

25. DUCHESNE, Aug. 13 — Mary W. Ratliffe, 82, was found stabbed to death in her home at 67 W. 300 South. Her husband, Charles Dodd, 75, was found unresponsive in a chair with a stab wound in his chest. He later recovered and was charged with murder. Police investigated the scene as a possible murder-suicide attempt. Dodd told police his wife was "in constant pain, and they had talked about 'ending it' on numerous occasions." A note at the scene said he feared someone would take his wife away from him because of a recent injury to his head. A competency evaluation has been requested. Alleged motive: Murder-suicide attempt. Method: Stabbing.

26. ROY, Sept. 9 — The body of Hailey Byrne, 2, was found at 1962 W. 4700 South. The girl's stepfather, Robert Glen Abbott, was charged with child abuse homicide in the girl's death. The victim's sister told police she saw her stepfather push the little girl's face into a pillow for several times over the course of a couple of minutes in an effort to stop her from crying. Alleged motive: Frustration, abuse. Method: Asphyxiation.

27. MURRAY, Sept. 24 — Kaysen Calhoun, 4 months, was hospitalized after being violently shaken and died after being taken off life support two days later. Jennifer Duran Martinez, 35, the boy's baby-sitter, told police she became "frustrated and stressed" when Calhoun would not stop crying. She was charged with murder for allegedly shaking the boy "violently." Alleged motive: Frustration. Method: Shaking.

28. SOUTH SALT LAKE, Oct. 1 — Stephen Angel Lopez, 19, was shot to death after a fight broke out at a rap concert at the Arbat Reception Hall, 375 E. 3300 South. Five others were hospitalized — at least one in critical condition — after either being shot, stabbed, beaten or injured while trying to flee in a vehicle and crashing. Police said the incident was gang-related. No arrests have been made. Motive: Gangs. Method: Shooting.

29. MIDVALE, Oct. 15 — David Woodrow Brown, 47, was killed at his apartment, 584 E. Carmel Drive (7400 South), after being beaten on the back of his head with a garden tool and fists and then pushed down a flight of stairs. Woodrow's roommate, Christopher Wiggins, was charged with murder. The two reportedly were arguing about missing property. Alleged motive: Anger. Method: Blunt force.

30. TAYLORSVILLE, Nov. 5 — Anthony Fili, 35, was shot at least once in the chest at his apartment, 5624 S. 1900 West. Rodney Amato Liti, 32, was charged with murder, aggravated robbery and obstructing justice, among other things. Earlier in the day, police say Fili had been driving Liti's car and received several text messages from Liti saying he was going to "blast" him and the woman he was with. When police arrested Liti, he was also in possession of methamphetamine. Alleged motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting. 

31. MIDVALE, Nov. 4 — Katherine Elizabeth Head, 46, was shot and killed by her husband, Robert Milton Head, 56, in a murder-suicide. The couple's bodies were found in an apartment near 7400 S. State after Elizabeth Head's mother called and asked a maintenance worker to check on her daughter whom she hadn't heard from in some time. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting.

32. MORGAN, Nov. 17 — Marilee Wadman, 41, and her husband, Grant Wadman, 57, were found dead in the living room of their home at 389 W. Hardscrabble Road of apparent gunshot wounds. Police determined it was a murder-suicide and that Grant Wadman had killed Marilee Wadman before turning the gun on himself. The couple had a history of domestic violence. Merilee had been convicted of assaulting her husband in 2010 but he did not want to testify against her. Motive: Domestic. Method: Shooting.  

33. MILLCREEK, Dec. 11 — Tommy Varner, 35, was shot to death in the parking lot of the Murray Ridge Apartments, 440 E. 4100 South. Peter Almanza, 27, was charged with murder, obstruction of justice and distribution of a controlled substance in connection with the death. Investigators believe Varner was shot to death during a drug deal gone bad with Almanza. Alleged motive: Drugs. Method: Shooting.   

34. OGDEN, Dec. 14 — Kennedy Lucille Marshall, 3 months, was found in "medical duress" in a home on the 2600 block of Van Buren Avenue. She died later that day. Jeremy David Marshall, 35, the baby's stepfather, was charged with aggravated murder. Police say he told family members he had struck the child's head in the crib with substantial force but it was "accidental." Alleged motive: Child abuse. Method: Assault.

35. WEST VALLEY CITY, Dec. 15 — Hairam Balbuena Torres, 24, was found shot to death inside a vehicle parked at an LDS Church at 4270 S. 4145 West. Anthony Corona and Eddie Garza, both 20, Christian Lizarzaburu, 32, and Lucinda Fernandez, 27, were charged with murder and aggravated robbery in connection with the death. Corona was believed by police to be the trigger-man. The man reportedly had set up Torres to rob him, possibly during a drug deal. Alleged motive: Robbery. Method: Shooting.

36. MURRAY, Dec. 19 — Alecia Sherman, 45, died four days after she fled from the home she shared with her boyfriend, Daniel Jay Folsom, 49. She appeared to be "severely beaten" and told the neighbor Folsom was "out of control." She lost consciousness soon after and never regained it. Folsom was originally charged with attempted murder, but the charge was upgraded to murder after Sherman died. Alleged motive: Domestic. Method: Beating.

37. SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 26 — German Rodriguez-Torres, 49, was shot to death early in the morning near 550 West and 100 South. The man's body was found less than a block from Gateway shopping center. There was blood at the scene but no gun was found. Police have not yet obtained information on a possible suspect or motive. Motive: Unknown. Method: Shooting.

38 and 39. MT. PLEASANT, Sanpete County, Dec. 30 — Officers discovered the bodies of Leroy Woody Fullwood, 70, and Dorothy Ann Fullwood, 69, in their home at 399 S. 600 East, on Dec. 31, and said they appear to be victims of a random robbery. An unidentified man and woman suspected in a carjacking and shooting in West Wendover used a credit card belonging to the Fullwoods in the border town. Police were called to check on the welfare of the Fullwoods. They were believed to have been killed Dec. 29 or Dec. 30. The man and woman have not been located or even identified. Motive: Robbery. Method: Shooting.

Other suspicious deaths:

NORTH OGDEN, Sept. 11 — The body of Alexis Rasmussen was found in Morgan County on Oct. 18, more than a month after she disappeared. Her death has been ruled suspicious. She was last seen Sept. 10 when she baby-sat the two daughters of Eric and Dea Millerberg. The couple have been named "persons of interest" in Rasmussen's death, but no charges have been filed. The cause of death has yet to be released.

WENDOVER, Nev., March 3 — Micaela "Mickey" Costanzo, 16, a West Wendover High student, was reported missing on March 3 and her body was found in a shallow grave March 5. Kody Cree Patton, 18, and his reported fiance, Toni Fratto, 19, both seniors at West Wendover High School, were charged with murder in connection with Costanzo's death. While the killing received a lot of attention in Utah, it happened on the Nevada side of the border and is not included in Utah's homicide statistics. 

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TAYLORSVILLE, July 23 — Randy Lee Allred, 57, was found dead at 1525 W. 4950 South. Police discovered Allred had suffered blunt force trauma to the back of his head. Originally, Allred's death was believed to be attributed to a fall or alcoholism. George Bruce Jones, 55, was arrested for investigation of murder and obstruction of justice. But the medical examiner's office later reversed its decision, and ruled that the cause of death was not homicide. Jones was never charged.

PRICE, Dec. 12 — The badly decomposed body of Christopher Robertson, 38, was discovered in a manhole on U.S. 6 just outside of Price by road crews during routine maintenance. He had been reported missing since Nov. 29. A cause of death has not been released.

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