"Beginning Boy Scouts" by Jeremy and Heather Reed helps explain the Boy Scouting program in 13 chapters.

"BEGINNING BOY SCOUTS," by Jeremy C. Reed and Heather R. Reed, Reed Media Services, $11.95, 140 pages (nf)

Diving into Scouting can seem like a daunting task for someone with little to no knowledge of the program.

On the surface, Boy Scouting may seems to consist of only camping, field uniforms and doing a good turn daily.

Turns out there are various patches, ranks, positions, uniforms, awards and Scouting lingo — as well as a deep purpose that comes with the organization.

Authors Jeremy and Heather Reed compiled key, need-to-know information for the novice parent or Scout leader in "Beginning Boy Scouts," which can also be classified as "Scouting 101."

The Reeds cover Scouting in 13 chapters — explaining different awards, merit badges, uniform names and needs, patches, patrol method, adult leadership, camping and high adventure. The book is a simple and informative guide that will aid new leaders or parents to help Scouts earn one of the final goals of Scouting, the Eagle award.

The book makes it easy for readers to locate specific terms, ranks or awards for quick referencing; clears up misused terminology; offers step-by-step instructions that makes the information clear and useful; and even remembers small details, like how to make the Scout sign.

This unofficial guide to Boy Scouting will leave its readers prepared and informed to navigate the Scouting program — and maybe even correct some of those misused Scouting terms floating around out there.