Covenant Communications
Susan Easton Black, author of "400 Questions & Answers about the Book of Mormon."

"400 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ABOUT THE BOOK OF MORMON," by Susan Easton Black, Covenant Communications, $17.99, 242 pages (nf)

Starting with "What is the importance of Joseph Smith's role as a translator of the Book of Mormon?" and ending with "After all the testimonies given of the Book of Mormon, the key question is 'What do you think of the book?'" Brigham Young University professor Susan Easton Black clearly and concisely explores the Book of Mormon in "400 Questions & Answers about the Book of Mormon."

Divided into several sections, including "The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon," "The Book of Mormon Is a Testament of Jesus Christ," "The Small Plates of Nephi," "Abridgement by Mormon," "The Plates of Ether" and "Moroni's Farewell," Black chronologically goes through the Book of Mormon, giving background and quotes from general authorities to explain the meanings of verses and passages.

It's a guide designed to be read alongside the Book of Mormon and would benefit those who are familiar with the book and want a deeper study.