One family's Christmas Eve service included wiping windows while cleaning a ward meetinghouse.

New features: Guess what? “New features kick off issues of the 2012 Friend magazines.” What sort of features? Colorful scripture figures that your kids can cut out; a new “Question Corner” section that features “questions and answers from children on topics such as how to get along with siblings or what to do when a friend starts making wrong choices"; and even an “I Can Play It” feature with easy-to-learn songs to play. There's even more; click in to see.

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YM/YW resources: Did you know that the Young Men/Young Women resource guides are no longer going to be printed? Larry Richman describes how to find the “online resource guides for YM/YW lessons.” Click in to learn more.

Meetinghouse service: How did you spend your Christmas Eve? Likely you didn’t do what this blogger did. She describes how her family's “Christmas Eve service (took) on new meaning” in this fun and interesting blog post about cleaning their local meetinghouse.

LDS fiction: Looking for your next read? Then check out this handy linkable list of “2011 LDS fiction by title.” There are lots of great novels to choose from!

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