The first installment of the "Keeping Faith" series published in The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University's student paper, featured a Muslim professor.

Princeton University's student newspaper, The Daily Princetonian, finished a six-part series, "Keeping Faith" on Dec. 15. For the articles, politics professor Robert George sat down with six other professors of six different faiths: Jewish, Baptist, Muslim, Latter-day Saint, Catholic and Hindu.

The final installment was an interview with religion professor Eric Gregory, a practicing Baptist.

In the interviews, George asked questions spanning basic queries about each religion's history to very pointed, personal questions about the professors' faiths, providing a very detailed look at their beliefs.

For example, he asked Gregory, "Jesus is, in the Christian teaching, the one and only Savior. Would you say, as many Protestants do, that you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?"

Gregory also asked questions about the religions in a political context, both past and present, including topics of slavery, Occupy Wall Street and more. The earlier installments are listed below.

Dec. 8, Paul Cluff, electric engineering professor, LDS

Dec. 1, Shivaji Sondhi, physics professor, Hindu

Nov. 23, Martha Himmelfarb, religion professor, Jewish

Nov. 17, Harold James, history professor, Catholic

Nov. 10, Amaney Jamal, politics professor, Muslim

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