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Jimmer Fredette, the Sacramento Kings first round draft pick, the 10th overall, in the NBA draft.

Jimmer Fredette is already making a splash in his new home in Sacramento, but he hasn't reached superstar status there like he has maintained in Utah for quite a while — yet.

Fredette, who scored 21 points in his first NBA preseason game over the weekend, is still flying under the radar, relatively speaking, as a King, Sports Illustrated reports.

"By the time Fredette was becoming the nation's leading scorer in his senior season with the Cougars," writes Sam Amick, "he had given up on the idea of going out and even took his final semester of classes online so each and every session didn't become a celebrity appearance. Jimmer-mania hasn't hit Sacramento yet, and that's just fine by him."

Fredette is fitting in well so far in the NBA.

"The widespread early impression is that Fredette is quiet and borderline shy, eager to fit in and as focused as they come when it comes to the work," Amick writes. "He has had some lighter moments, among them a spontaneous dance-off with fellow rookie Isaiah Thomas at a Sacramento area charity game in November and the beginning of his many rookie duties last week when Fredette and former San Jose State guard Adrian Oliver had to pick up bottles off the practice facility floor to avoid heavy fines."

Says second-year big man DeMarcus Cousins: "I love Jimmer, man. Jimmer's a cool dude. He's a real good rookie. I just love the fact that he's always trying to get it right and he's always learning. He's very humble. And him being the big star that he was you kind of expect him to come in and have swag and have his chest out, but he's the complete opposite. I've enjoyed him from the beginning."