It’s tricky when you and your neighbors — or even other family members — don’t work off the same set of guidelines or values. It doesn’t mean you’re right and they’re wrong. It just means you have to really communicate.

We experienced this in the mission field with our teenage son, who accompanied us to Atlanta for those three years. First, I have to say that you can’t find a more God-fearing, Jesus-loving people than in the Southeast. It’s right in the middle of the Bible Belt — and, collectively, Georgians are truly people of great faith.

But things got a little “interesting” when our son and I both tried to explain to the varsity coach why Connor wouldn’t play in a Sunday lacrosse league. Still, I made sure I was careful not to offend, as we also had great respect for him as a coach and friend. He just needed to understand “why” we believe as we do.

That’s the type of issue we’ll explore on our upcoming episode of "Mormon Times," airing Dec. 18. Relationships coach Matt Townsend, known for his sense of humor and “telling it like it is," has advice to help when we’re invited to participate in activities that run against our family values — during the holidays or anytime.

No one wants to come off as judgmental or preachy. Whether you're dealing with family or friends, there are great ways to handle this before it gets awkward and feelings are hurt.

We’ll also have last-minute tips on how your family can help make Christmas special for people you don’t even know — it’s all about service.

And Stephanie Nielson is finding amazing ways to serve and overcome great adversity after nearly dying in an airplane crash. She’ll share more about her will to live and the miracle of bearing another child.

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Speaking of children, we’ll profile the man who’s come up with a new Book of Mormon computer game that’s totally kid-friendly. Imagine this: no blood, no gore, an ancient setting and stripling warriors — all in one game!

And the Christmas season isn’t complete without some great music. Fan-favorite Peter Breinholt will favor us with the first Christmas song he’s written.

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