Christmas-themed Family Home Evening lessons, including nativity ideas, are available on the Internet.

If you’re like me, you’re hoping to spread the Christmas cheer to family home evening tonight. Here are some great FHE ideas, activities, and even treats — courtesy of the blogs:

Here’s an entire family home evening lesson on the subject of “Christmas (Love)” and here is one “Christmas (Service)” from Both have stories, both have age-appropriate sections, and both have delightful, delicious treats. Enjoy!

Or maybe your kids have wondered about other religion’s holiday traditions. This FHE lesson on “Holidays of Other Faiths” teaches about Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and more in a simple, but respectful way. What a beautiful way to teach your children about the Article of Faith 11, with a holiday theme.

Some families enjoy doing the 12 Days of Christmas and this blog has 12 great service ideas to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. A few ideas include “Read a special Christmas story as a family, grandchildren, to younger brothers and sisters, neighbor children, etc. or copy your favorite story and leave with a note secretly for someone.” Or “Offer to babysit for a mother so she can go Christmas shopping alone.”

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Finally, this blogger came up with a plethora of “Ideas for Christ-Centered Activities” to keep your family focused on the Savior this holiday season. These include “Secret Acts of Service: Set a goal as a family to do secret acts of service for your spouse, family members, or friends throughout the week. For FHE talk with them about how you felt to serve, the importance of service and how that brings us closer to Christ.” It also features a Christmas Book Advent Calendar. Check out the entire post to find some beautiful FHE ideas.

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