SOUTH SALT LAKE — The margin got closer with each count, but the $25 million bond measure to transform the Granite High School campus into a civic center for arts, recreation and education ultimately failed.

A recount by the Salt Lake County elections office last week concluded that the South Salt Lake bond proposal failed by five votes — 1,006 to 1,001. The City Council signed off on the final numbers Wednesday night.

The unofficial tally on election night had the bond failing 919 to 908. Following a city canvass, the numbers were 1,006 against and 997 in favor of the bond.

The bond would have required South Salt Lake homeowners to pay an average of $84 more per year, based on a home valued at $165,000, for up to 30 years.

Opponents of the bond said a civic center wasn't in the city's best interest. They said the city would be better off leaving the property to be developed privately.

Jared Page