"THE LAST ARCHANGEL," by Michael D. Young, Cedar Fort, $12.99, 279 pages (f)

“The Last ArchAngel” by Michael D. Young is an imaginative, engaging, well-written end-of-time novel.

Xandir, an archangel exiled to Earth as a destroying angel, is trying to redeem himself for his past fence-sitting misbehavior. Supervised by a High Seraphim, his interactions with Earth have spanned millennia. Adding to his already heavy responsibilities, he is assigned an apprentice, a cherub named Jarom.

Eden, a beautiful mortal redhead, and her husband, Daren, are having severe marital problems. Daren has changed from the likable person she married into someone who seems possessed by evil and wants a divorce. Her best friend, Judy, steps in to help her through a very challenging time.

Their destinies are intertwined in ways none of them could imagine.

“It’s a story of several mortal people who are involved with angels,” Young said in a recent interview. “I see it as a continuation of the war in heaven. A lot of the evil (portrayed in the book) comes from different traditions of angels and demons. I took some standing traditions and added my own take on them.”

Someone who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may read more into the story than others might, but the author said he did not write the book specifically for a Mormon audience.

“I wanted the story to be about redemption and include some of the angel lore from other Christian traditions,” Young said.

Replete with angels, devils, demons, mortals and immortals — and the choices they must make — the story does work on several levels.

“I really hoped it would work on different levels. I included a few symbolic things, for example, the names. The woman is named Eden because she is the woman that has a pivotal role, which points to Eve.”

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Another symbol is the birth of male twins — one dark, one light — something that is often found in mythology. Among the most well-known are the Gemini twins, Castor and Polux, and the Oak King and the Holly King who fight for supremacy at the winter solstice.

The story definitely doesn’t end with the last page of this book. Young is already at work on a sequel. “I intend to show both brothers rising to power,” he said.

More information about the book is available at the author’s website: www.writermike.com

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