Mormon Messages
Elder M. Russell Ballard speaks to saints in Mexico.

Via these new Mormon Messages YouTube Channel videos, let’s virtually follow the members of the Quorum of the Twelve around the world as they minister to the Saints.

First let's go to Bolivia, where Elder Neil L. Andersen teaches church members about Jesus: “He lived a sinless life.… He took upon himself our sins so long as we are willing to repent.”

Then we can visit Europe with Elder David A. Bednar, who testifies that through the “consistency of simple witnesses by the power of the Holy Ghost I know Jesus is the Christ."

Now we're off to Mexico with Elder M. Russell Ballard, who teaches about the principle of the fast; he learned during his visit about his 44th great-grandchild and proudly explains that he has a “muy grande” family.

And finally we're all the way to Madagascar with Elder Russell M. Nelson, who testifies that his listeners are “children of God, children of covenant Israel” who have the opportunity to “deal with our families forever.”

The power of the apostles mixed with the power of technology equals wonderful worldwide opportunities to learn!

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