A gratitude printable to download and share.

I love thanksgiving. The food, the family, the friends and the faith, which reminds me of giving thanks for the many bounteous blessing I do enjoy. These bloggers share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions, recipes and musings. Be filled…

I see that Mormon Messages have recently uploaded a bit of Thanksgiving counsel from Elder Robert D. Hales, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, from April 1992. He speaks about the importance of prayers of gratitude in our lives. Love it!

And this touching post is a beautiful example of the power of blogging. This blogger decided to write a “Thank You Note 30 Years Overdue” and post to her blog in hopes that someday, somehow those responsible for helping her family would see it. Incredible!

Oh, I just loved these “Gratitude Printables” this blogger made available on her blog for free. Find a favorite, print it out and use as new a Thanksgiving decoration!

Are you looking for some “Thanksgiving Books & Crafts” to share with your family this holiday? This guest blogger lists three favorite children’s books and two darling crafts.

And I couldn’t miss highlighting a few Thanksgiving recipes. I was so surprised to see this recipe for “Pumpkin Pie Cake” as it is one of our favorite pumpkin recipes and I promise you that it is deliciously good. Or try this new recipe, as I plan to, for “Roasted Sweet Potatoes.” Mmm!

Now let me declare my gratitude for the many other wonderful blogs found throughout the Bloggernacle including these:

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Power pick: I, for one, am profoundly grateful for the Joseph Smith Papers Project and their important mission of helping us all “know Brother Joseph again.” As part of that, the website just released some fascinating videos onto the Mormon Messages YouTube Channel. Enjoy learning about “Joseph Smith and the Organizing of the Relief Society” from scholar Kate Holbrook; or “Joseph Smith, Chief Justice and Mayor of Nauvoo” from scholar Alex Smith; or “Emma Smith and the Governor of Illinois” from scholar Andy Hedges; or even “Reference Materials to Learn About Joseph Smith” from scholar Richard Jensen. Wow!

Techie tip: So were you one of the (reported) millions who received a Kindle Fire? Or perhaps you will at Christmas. Either way, this Mormon Life Hacker article about “How to Put LDS Scriptures (and Other Apps) on Kindle Fire” is timely. Although pause first to read the scriptural pun this blogger includes from 2 Nephi 7:11 regarding the Kindle Fire. Ha! Now check out the meat of the article that teaches you where to find LDS apps and how to install them. Nice.

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