Another installment of the Twilight Saga is breaking into theaters this week. (They are learning from other franchises that if you break up the last film into two parts, you can make more money.)

"Breaking Dawn — Part 1” is the fourth in the series that follows the love triangle between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

"Breaking Dawn" opens with Jacob storming out of his house into the rain and throwing a piece of paper to the ground. He begins running, phases into his werewolf form and takes off in a rage.

Why is he not a happy camper? The paper he threw down is an invitation to the wedding of Edward and Bella.

Preparations are taking place at the Cullen house for the wedding, which is happening tomorrow. Alice (Ashley Green) is in charge, and it shows. Everything has to be done just right. That includes sending Bella home to get some rest for her big day.

The next day is the wedding, and everything goes off well. Jacob even shows up, though behind the scenes so no one can see him there. Jacob warns Bella that the honeymoon will not be a happy one if she remains a human. She feels she can handle it.

The first night of the honeymoon is strange. Edward is not able to control some of his emotion when they are together. He becomes fearful that he will hurt Bella and tries to substitute other activities into their trip.

All seems fine until Bella wakes up one morning and gets sick. She then realizes that she has something growing inside her, and its growing fast.

In the previous films there was so much angst over which person Bella wanted to love that it was overwhelming. It really set a soap-opera tone. Now that Bella has finally chosen who she will be with, that tone has been pulled back dramatically.

"Breaking Dawn" moves the story along fairly well. It doesn’t dwell so much on the love story, and there is much more action in this film, which is good for those guys who will be dragged kicking and screaming by the women in their lives.

Comment on this story

"Breaking Dawn" is rated PG-13 for a reason. There is a wedding night with partial nudity and things get hidden very discreetly. You will find much in the way of sensuality as well. There is also a lot of violence. Fights between werewolves and vampires and the threat of violence is a big part of the film. Then there is the health of Bella. There are some scenes where she is really horrifyingly thin.

All in all this film is better than the previous ones in the series. It still is a love story, but it is one that many people will be able to deal with and at least understand. This time the story is more interesting and engaging.

Let’s hope the next — and final — film will be an improvement as well.

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