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LDS Media Library
More than 2,400 images are available in the LDS Media Library.

LDS images: Have you checked out the LDS Media Library lately? It is chock-full of amazing resources, including 2,400 images you can download or print that can enrich your lessons, serve as wallpaper on your computer or be used on the go on your phone. Wow! Larry Richman outlines what else is new in the LDS Media Library. Be sure to check out how you can help it grow even larger.

Humanitarian project: These missionaries take us on a tour of a “club foot clinic” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: “This club foot treatment is life changing since without it children would have no more future than to be beggars. These adorable little guys (most with club feet are males) are treated for just a few weeks with casts and then shoes with rods between them and then followed up with treatment.” How does the LDS Church help? “The church also provides the shoes and other supplies used in this practice, which is also a training facility for technicians who are learning this treatment.” Impressive. Click in to see all the beautiful photos.

Dale Kilbourn: Ever heard of Dale Kilbourn? Perhaps not, but you’ve likely seen many of his paintings in churches and manuals. Learn about this remarkable artist from his daughter in this guest post at Keepapitchinin. She explains, “In recent years I have met many people who are familiar with my dad’s work. But what most people don’t know is that Dad did not become a member of the church until 1988, some 30 years after the first 'Be Honest With Yourself' card went to press. So how did someone who was not raised in the church, had never read The Book of Mormon or the Testimony of Joseph Smith, create images that radiate the spirit of their subjects? I think it has a lot to do with the character of the artist. Please forgive my self-indulgence here, but I think my dad is one of the most selfless, truehearted people I have ever met, not to mention one of the most gifted.” Awesome.

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