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Pinterest is a crafting creative virtual pinboard site.

One LDS blogger wonders “To 'pinterest' or not to 'pinterest'”…Thoughts? I have yet to become truly acquainted with pinterest and can't decide if we should truly meet. I love being creative, but wonder if it is truly worth it. Is the whole pinterest thing is something I should proceed with meeting?! (Note: I feel as though I have succeeded with not letting the cyberworld consume the important parts of my day, and I would like to keep it that way...)”

If you hang around Facebook or blogs or Relief Society activities, you’ve likely heard the buzzword “Pinterest” lately. This “virtual pinboard” lets you find, “organize and share the things you love.” See my techie tip below for how to sign up, but even if you decide not to get your own account, I think, in the words of the above blogger, it is still something you should “proceed with meeting.”

Let me explain why.

Pinterest is an organization site, where people can tag items for sharing. So say you are looking for an family home evening idea. With a quick search (via Google, but putting in both “pinterest” and “family home evening”) using Pinterest’s search box, you suddenly come up with pin after pin of ideas relating to FHE (also, use “FHE” as a search term for even more results). You also can click above the pins to search people’s “boards” or “people” who use “family home evening” as a tag. Creative idea after creative idea result.

Let’s try a few other search terms on Pinterest:



Relief Society


See how fun and useful Pinterest can be? And, as the blogger above worries, even addicting. So practice moderation in your pinning but enjoy the crafty creative spirit of Mormonism melding with the newest online craze of Pinterest.

Now let me display other great blogs from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Let’s check in with the LDS Bloggers Give Back initiative this week for this touching post on “Sarah’s Story: A single mom finds hope through education.” She explains, “No one ever expects that they’ll have a marriage that ends in divorce, but in August 2009, while recovering in the ICU after complications associated with the birth of my fourth child, I finally determined I had the courage to leave my abusive husband of almost nine years. Four days after leaving the ICU, and assisted by close friends, I gathered the children’s and my possessions and moved out. At the time, the children were: girl 6½; girl 4½; boy 2½; and girl newborn."

So what did she do next? With the help of LDS Business College’s scholarship for single parents, she is gaining the confidence and means to help herself and her children: “Watching myself accomplish things I felt were so unattainable only a short time ago, gives me courage to face all the uncertainties of life.”

Click in for more and to see how you can help provide more scholarships!

Techie tip: Here are a few techie tips to help you get started with Pinterest. First you need to know that getting an account if, for now, invite only. You have to be invited by a friend, or request an invitation from Pinterest. Then you set up your account (username, email, password). Once that’s finished, you click on your favorite things (travel, kids, media, crafts, technology, to name a few subjects) to find some people to follow, and create your virtual pinboards and start pinning your favorite whatevers from around the virtual world. It’s pretty easy and way too much fun. There is also an embeddable “Follow Me” button on so that you can make a button for your blog for your readers. Cool.

Emily Warburton Jensen loves searching through the LDS blog world for developments and testimonies that best capture the ever-evolving LDS online experience. Email: ejensen@desnews.com

Email: ejensen@desnews.com