Members and missionaries pause for a photo during the All West Africa Cleanup Day.

Young Women manual: I saw this on my Facebook feed and just had to share: “Okay, any of you who teach YW: do you know about the new lesson help at It is recent, relevant, includes videos, etc. It's in the sidebar for every lesson. Use the ones online!! Spread the word! :)” Oh, I will spread the word all right. The current Young Women manual is available on, where you can click on a lesson to see all the online helps and resources found down the sidebar!

Relief Society/Melchizedek Priesthood manual: The listing in the “Instructions for Curriculum 2012” shows that in Relief Society/ Melchizedek Priesthood classes, we will be studying President George Albert Smith as next year’s “Teachings of the Presidents of the Church” manual. Oh, and use that link to help you prepare to teach/learn next year. (Hat-tip to Ardis E. Parshall.)

Mission in southwest Africa: I was just amazed scrolling through the pictures from the “Sierra Leone Freetown Mission” blog. One missionary gets a letter from an apostle. Others bring people into the waters of baptism. Still others push a huge bus that broke down. Still others don Mormon Helping Hands shirts and vests to do service. And then there are the pictures of the elders working in the mud. What amazing adventures!

Stake center: I just love blogs, because where else would you learn cool facts like those found in this “Updated Post” at Juvenile Instructor, which, a few years ago, told the history of all the buildings the San Benito Branch met for church service? And the updated part? They are now getting a stake center! What wonderful news. Check it out!

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