RICHMOND, Cache County — The Governor’s Office of Economic Development announced two company expansions Thursday that are expected to create 155 new jobs.

Pepperidge Farm, a part of Campbell Soup subsidiary, plans to expand its Utah operations by creating 54 new jobs at its existing facility in Richmond. And InComm Corp., a marketer and distributor of stored-value gift cards and prepaid products, will add 101 new jobs at its existing Salt Lake County operation over the next five years.

The new positions at Pepperidge Farm will pay at least 100 percent of the county average wage and will pay new state wages in excess of $18.9 million.

The expansion is due to increasing demand for their Goldfish crackers product line, according to a company statement.

“Our popular Goldfish products enjoy one of the strongest growth rates in our company, and we expect that success to continue,” said Pepperidge Farm President Pat Callaghan.  “And after almost 40 years of productive operation at our Richmond plant, we are very pleased to continue and expand this outstanding partnership with Cache County.”

Expansion of the existing Richmond facility — which has been in continuous production since 1974 — will begin in 2012, with production scheduled to start in 2014. The company expects to invest up to $45 million in capital improvements over the course of the project.

The GOED board of directors authorized a 10-year, post-performance, single-payer refundable tax credit of $475,032 over the life of the project.

GOED also announced the expansion of InComm Corp. in Utah. The company will add 101 new jobs at its existing in-state operation over the next five years at a wage that is over 125 percent above the Salt Lake County average.

“The global expansion of technology solutions at InComm requires skilled technologists and the application of emerging software technologies,” said InComm chief technology officer Matt Watson. “We are investing in Utah because of its tradition of education and work ethic, technically advanced workforce, distribution advantages and friendly business climate.”

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InComm already has a Utah presence and currently employs 25 people in the state. InComm’s suite of products includes gift cards, reloadable debit cards, digital music downloads, bill payment solutions and other online and point-of-sale technologies. In 2010, InComm processed $13 billion in retail sales transactions.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., the company has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Cal.ifornia, Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Utah — offering products and services at more than 225,000 retail locations worldwide.

The GOED board authorized a five-year post-performance, single-payer refundable tax credit of up to $340,775 over the life of the project providing an estimated $1.7 million in new state tax revenue and new state wages in excess of $21.7 million.