Reed Russell,
The Haun's Mill Massacre site as seen last week.

Monday, Nov. 7

Will Hoapate: “I’m taking a break from professional rugby to serve a mission.” Could you walk away from a lucrative sports contract for two years to serve a Mormon mission? That’s exactly what Australian Will Hoapate is doing, and he so eloquently explains why in this new “Will Hoapate: I’m a Mormon” video. Check it out!

Haun’s Mill: Almost every year on the anniversary of this Haun’s Mill Massacre, this blogger makes a pilgrimage through Clay and Caldwell Counties to visit this “sacred space.” And you can virtually join him this year, since he photographically recorded his “Ride to Haun’s Mill.” As he explains “going at this time of the year, I can not only enjoy the gorgeous fall colors, but also get some sense of what the weather and conditions may have been like for them.” Hauntingly beautiful.

Hilary Weeks: I don’t know if you heard, but “Hilary Weeks (is the) First Mormon to Reach Christian Albums Top 10.” Click to read all about it in this latest article. And congrats to Hilary Weeks, what an amazing accomplishment!

November printable: Since you get to pick your message for your visiting teaching visit, this printable may or may not work, but the quote is delightful — from Elder Carl B. Cook’s talk “It is Better to Look Up.” Click into download and then print this “Free Printable November Visiting Teaching Message.”

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