Although the "I'm a Mormon" campaign isn't new, the CNN Belief Blog looks into the diversity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Eric Marrapodi writes about Washington's Third Ward: "White, black, Asian and Hispanic Mormons mingle before the service begins. ... It is not a special multicultural celebration Sunday. For this growing Mormon congregation in northeast Washington, it's just another weekend."

The article — "With 'I'm a Mormon' campaign, church counters lily-white image" — also touches on defining Mormonism.

The Deseret News has covered similar stories concerning the "I'm a Mormon" campaign, including "Bloggernacle: 'I'm a Mormon' and BYU students stats"; "Reactions to Brandon Flowers' video"; "LDS advertising campaign elicits 'significant increase' in website visitors" and "'I'm a Mormon' campaign extending to 12 U.S. cities."