PLEASANT GROVE — A 17-year-old boy struck twice by vehicles while crossing a busy Utah County street has died from his injuries.

Tyson Peterson was hit Monday morning as he attempted to cross State Street near 300 East to catch a bus, according to Pleasant Grove Police Sgt. Josh Motsinger. The road contains seven lanes, including turning lanes, in that area, he said.

When the teen started crossing the southbound lanes, he was struck initially by a small passenger vehicle and thrown into another lane, where he was hit a second time by a passing SUV. Peterson was rushed to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with severe head trauma.

It was still dark at that time of the morning and the boy was wearing dark grey pants and a black shirt.

"He was not very visible at all," Motsinger said.

The teen was reportedly trying to catch a bus to go to Spanish Fork. The drivers who hit the boy were upset, but not injured. Authorities did not anticipate charges in the incident.

The family says their prayers are with the drivers of the two vehicles.

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“It was clearly an accident,” said stepfather Justin Peterson. “I’ve spoken with the people who hit him and they are devastated.” 

An account has been set up at the Zions Bank branch in Spanish Fork to help cover funeral costs.

This is the second tragedy to strike the Peterson family involving a vehicle. According to a family friend, a younger brother, Jordan, was killed in June 2010 when a car he and Tyson were working on fell and crushed Jordan.

“We already had to bury our younger son, and now this,” Peterson said. “It’s just one more loss we didn’t need to experience.”