PROVO — The Municipal Council will wait until after the Nov. 8 municipal election to choose two finalists for the council post vacated early by Steve Turley.

The council had planned on narrowing the field of 10 applicants, five of whom are on the ballot for Municipal Council posts, last Tuesday and then choose a replacement Nov. 15. "But there was some feeling any type of appointment like this might affect the election, and they didn't want to do that," said Matt Taylor, the Municipal Council's executive director.

Turley, facing felony charges, resigned his post Sept. 27. The city is filling a statutory requirement to appoint a replacement for the remainder of his term, which ends in January.

In theory, choosing finalists after the election means the council could seat the election winner six weeks ahead of when the rest of the newly elected council members are sworn in next January.

Taylor said the council did not discuss that as a strategy this past Tuesday. The council now plans to choose the finalists and name a replacement both on Nov. 15.


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