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"Tipping the Scales in Your Favor" by Dian Thomas
TV personality, author and professional speaker Dian Thomas with Johnny Carson in 1975.

"Tipping the Scales in Your Favor: Small Steps that Make a Big Difference in Your Health, Weight, and Happiness," by Dian Thomas, Dian Thomas Company, $19.99, 215 pages (nf)

"Tipping the Scales in Your Favor: Small Steps that Make a Big Difference in Your Health, Weight, and Happiness" is not another weight-loss gimmick or fad diet. As a matter of fact, author Dian Thomas writes that it's not a diet at all — it's a lifestyle change.

Thomas, who is a New York Times best-selling author and TV personality, shares how she lost more than 100 pounds. She didn't do it with surgery or by banning certain food groups. She didn't have a team of nutritionists or fitness trainers, either. Thomas lost weight the old-fashioned way by eating less, moving more, and creating new healthy habits that would sustain weight loss.

"Tipping the Scales in Your Favor" contains the usual staples in weight-loss advice with chapters on nutrition, exercise, food options and recipes. However, Thomas doesn't bore her readers to death with medical jargon and statistical data. She keeps it pretty simple and straight to the point.

Throughout the book, there are journal prompt questions with space provided to answer. This gives the reader the opportunity to formulate a plan to put into practice for a specific principle taught.

Two-thirds of the book focuses on food. Thomas begins with the basics of nutrition and then offers strategies for eating out, controlling portions and shopping. Something a little different from most weight-loss books is that Thomas does not simply provide her favorite recipes, but she also instructs readers in the various ways to prepare certain vegetables, meats and seasonings.

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In "Tipping the Scales in Your Favor" there are no complicated formulas or meal plans to follow. Thomas provides a very gentle, reasonable and simple approach to weight loss.

Readers will learn it is not through quick fixes and fad diets that you win the weight-loss race. It is small, steady steps and healthy habits that help you win.


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