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A "Keep Calm and go to the Temple" print.

Lake baptisms: Celebrate the joy of living this Halloween with this delightful post that declares “All of Heaven was Smiling: 1st Baptims in Uvira RDCongo.” This missionary blogger describes the day: “On the 23rd of October 2011, just weeks after the first church Branch of Uvira DRCongo Africa was established, the first baptismal service in the actual city of Uvira was held in the nearby waters of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika. With two witnesses in place, the newly called Branch President lovingly walks hand in hand with his young son to perform the first baptism in Uvira.” Lots of beautiful photos!

Halloween thoughts: One commenter asks “Nicholeen, what do you do for Halloween? It seems like such a dark holiday, and I really don’t like participating.” She answers “I love the quote, “Bring your children up in light and truth.” (D&C 93:40) That is the rule I follow regarding Halloween.” She then outlines “Halloween: Two Ways to See It” — both the reasons she dislikes the holiday and the reasons it can be fun and family-friendly. Read her counsel for celebrating Halloween in an uplifting way.

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Temple print: Have seen those “Keep Calm and…” posters? Well this blogger takes that theme and makes a “Free printable: Keep Calm and Go to the Temple” for all to download, print and enjoy. Plus she has it in 16 different color schemes. Love it!

Jack-O-Lantern cheesecake: Need a last-minute dessert recipe to finish your holiday table? This “Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Cheesecake” is both creative and cute. Oh, and doesn’t it look delicious? Check out how to concoct it.

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