SALT LAKE CITY — A man accused of running a gambling operation has been arrested by Salt Lake police.

Nikalaos Stanworth, 34, was arrested for investigation of felony money laundering and racketeering and three gambling related misdemeanors.

Police released few details about the alleged operation Friday, but said it involved "large sums of money," said Salt Lake police detective Dennis McGowan.

On Thursday, members of the Salt Lake Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration served a search warrant on Stanworth's Holladay home.

"During the service of this warrant, gambling, gambling promotions, and possession of gambling devices were observed by law enforcement," according to a Salt Lake County Jail report.

Stanworth has continued his gambling operations while out on pre-trial arrest for the same offense, according to jail records. In August, Stanworth was charged with 10 counts in 3rd District Court, including money laundering and gambling promotion.

According to court documents filed with Stanworth's August charges, a confidential informant observed poker games in Stanworth's basement on several occasions that involved about a dozen people. "The standard buy-in to the game was $500," according to court documents.

When Stanworth was arrested in May, he had more than $1,000 cash in his pocket while another man had more than $6,000 cash.

Detectives say Stanworth had not filed a Utah State tax return since 2005. He always paid his rent, however, on time in cash.

Pat Reavy Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam