Ben Spackman
These Mormon missionaries are not in costume.

Missionary costume: Did you hear that Time Magazine put “Mormon missionary” on its top 10 costumes list? I found this blog from last year about how you really can turn into a Mormon missionary: “Mormon Missionaries: Not Just a Halloween Costume.” Here’s a snippet: “Psst, wanna be a Mormon? Or a Mormon missionary? Here's how.” Click in for this creative (and now timely) essay.

Wireless prayer: Prayer is the “oldest form of wireless communication (with) never a dropped call” reads an inspirational poster that inspired this blogger to post other powerful prayer ponderings. She writes “You’re Never Too ‘(fill in the blank)’ To Pray,” “Prayer Gives You Wings” and “Prayer: Open 24/7” with some lovely accompanying general authority quotes. Check out her full musings about the best "Free Wireless" system ever.

Halloween Party: Pretzel mummies. Donut acorns. Spider pizza and breadsticks. These are just a few of the recipes from this blog post about “Halloween Party Food.” Click in to get some creative ideas for your Halloween festivities.

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