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"LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference" is by Robert L. Millet, Camille Fronk Olson, Andrew C. Skinner and Brent L. Top.

"LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference," by Robert L. Millet, Camille Fronk Olson, Andrew C. Skinner and Brent L. Top, Deseret Book, 688 pages, $39.99 (nf)

Four Brigham Young University religion professors have collaborated on the recently released "LDS Beliefs: A Doctrinal Reference," a 688-page book with encyclopedic-style entries that includes more than 380 topics from Aaron to Zion, with entries in between those including those on Cults, the Hosanna Shout, Mormon/Mormonism, Jesus Christ, Man and Woman.

"LDS Beliefs" is targeted at members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and includes core doctrines along with teachings that are unique to the LDS Church. Each entry lists the scriptures cited, along with any other sources and help simply explain the topics. Some entries are only a few sentences while others take up several pages.

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The authors are Robert L. Millet, the former dean of religious education at Brigham Young University, Camille Fronk Olson, a professor and chair of the BYU's Department of Ancient Scripture, Andrew C. Skinner, a professor of ancient scripture and was formerly the dean of religious education and Brent L. Top, a professor and chair of the Department of Church History and Doctrine. Each authors initials are at the end of each entry they wrote.

"It is our desire to motivate readers to turn frequently to the scriptures as well as to the words of the prophets and apostles charged to guide the destiny of the church in our day," they wrote in the introduction of "LDS Beliefs."