Saints in RDCongo Uvira are joyous at one of their first branch meetings.

15 years: What would it be like to wait for 15 years to be organized in the branch?These faithful, patient African Saints in “Uvira RDCongo” did just that but wait no longer. Click in to scroll through a beautiful photo essay that depicts these people’s lives and culture, with some magnificent photos of their newly-organized branch. Love it!

Halloween service: Since next week you’ll likely be trick-or-treating next Monday evening, this week's family home evening can be about doing Halloween service. You may want to “phantom” someone with a plate of treats or carved pumpkin, “treat” a senior member in your ward with some sort of sweet service, or “trick” your friends with these delightful “Halloween Smelly Jellies” that aren’t for eating, but for smelling (and filling your home with nice scents)! I love this creative and easy-to-do activity.

Forget-Me-Not handouts: I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that for the visiting teaching message next month, many, many visiting teachers will choose to share “Forget Me Not" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency, who spoke at the General Relief Society Meeting. A blogger spotlights one of many beautiful handouts you can print and give as a delightful accompaniment.

Chapel mural: Did you know there was a chapel with a mural on the outside? There are probably more than one, but I love D.H. Sundwall’s latest "Flickr Find: Exterior Chapel Mural.” Bonus points for whomever can name where it is located!

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