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Kevin Hendrix, who is a returned missionary and Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, was recently featured in the Lahontan Valley News and took a reporter on a ride along.

The Lahontan Valley News reported a day in the life of a Nevada Highway patrol officer who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kevin Hendrix explained that he wanted to keep the area safe for everyone, including his family.

“There's been a big push for seatbelt enforcement for two years,” Hendrix explains to a reporter who rode along with him. “I have seen too many people who could have been saved.”

The article mentions an "advantage" Hendrix has — speaking Spanish. He served a mission for the LDS Church to El Salvador.

“It was awesome,” Hendrix said of the church mission in the article. “It's a different world, and we don't realize how lucky we are to live in a place like this (the U.S.).”

In other news The Connections Newspapers website reported four young women in Springfield, Va.,honored for their personal progress awards. Diana Tanner, Veronica Garces, Melissa Owusu and Morgan Orton were recognized for their service and commitment to the Young Women organization.

Among new Mormon buildings, the future Philadelphia Temple will not only be celebrated among Pennsylvania residents, but among University of Penn students and young single adults as well, The Daily Pennsylvanian reports. The members hope the temple will bring university Saints and the community together.

“There are LDS faculty, students and workers at Penn, but it’s a minority group that is smaller relative to other denominations, so not many people are aware of it,” spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Congregation of the Church Melissa Yuen said. Establishing a partnership with the temple would “bring awareness of the LDS community to Penn.”

Lastly, in Utah, The San Juan Recorder reported on an LDS chapel to be built for members of the Mexican Hat Branch. The chapel will be built north of Monument Valley High School, in southeast Utah near the Arizona border. The chapel will have the red rock Monument Valley as a backdrop.