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On his blog, one LDS Church missionary powerfully shows Mormons are Christians.

Proclaiming Christianity: In the midst of all this debate about whether Mormons are Christians is this simple but powerful testimony from a current Mormon missionary who explains, “While I am not aiming for the love and acceptance of the world, I do not want these false claims deterring others from discovering the truth. Instead of adding my voice to the many that have declared that 'Mormons are indeed Christians,' I've decided that following the scriptural counsel given in James 2:18 is the most honest and sincere path towards acceptance. 'I will shew thee my faith by my works.' I believe a Christian is one who believes in and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. Regarding my beliefs of the Son of God, I believe that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and Redeemer. I believe that he has paid the price for my sins. I believe that his name is the only name given under heaven whereby man can achieve salvation. I believe that it will only be through walking with him hand in hand that I will be able to return to live in heaven.” Just beautiful.

Internet TV: Curious about “Internet TV”? Well, it’s the church to the rescue in explaining both how it works and how to access LDS content. Here’s a summary from Larry Richman: “For the church, Internet TV allows people around the world to access church content in homes and meetinghouses. With a Web-connected device or television, individuals can access, play back and enjoy church-created content on their home television. Many devices even have the option to play live broadcasts. … In the future, individuals and families will be able to access LDS content such as live broadcasts, Mormon Messages, general conference, CES firesides, Homefronts, Mormon Tabernacle Choir events and LDS Radio audio.” Awesome!

Relief Society: There are new videos about the “Daughters of My Kingdom” uploaded to the Relief Society playist on the Mormon Messages YouTube channel. I specifically liked the video about how “Questions Are Key.” Check the videos out!

Personal histories: “I don’t know what to write.” “I don’t have time to do it right now.” “I don’t know how to do it.” And “No one even cares.” These are the four roadblocks to doing “Personal and Family Histories” this blogger dispels in an information-filled post. Here are just a few ideas for “I don’t know how to do it”: Make an audio file of you talking about your history. You could do it in the car on the way to work, while getting ready for the day, in one of your favorite locations or while you’re sitting in bed.” Or, “Write a poem about an aspect of your life.” Or even, “Focus on one topic and make a list of things about you concerning that topic.” And there are so many more good ideas and tips. Click in!

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