A $30 paper shredder could save Americans countless dollars and the staggering inconveniences that accompany identity theft.

According to Business Insider, shredding documents isn’t just for business and those with something to hide. And if you don’t want to become a victim of identity theft, there are a number of document that you need to make sure are properly disposed.

Bank statements, or anything that holds account numbers, should be shredded – opting to receive online bank statements may not be a bad idea either.

Tax returns, because they have Social Security numbers along with personal information, should be closely guarded and then shredded after three to four years.

It’s also important to shred things like credit card offers and pay stubs. And if your shredder can handle plastic, send through your old photo IDs and canceled credit cards. It’s all about making sure personal and financial information doesn’t get into the wrong hands, the Business Insider article reports.