Courtesy of Macy Robison
Time Out for Women presenter Macy Robison brings her cabaret-style show and experience to event stops nationwide.

Deseret Book’s annual “Time Out for Women” gives new meaning to the phrase “time out” without sending anyone to stand in the corner. These multi-city and country events are designed to provide a chance for busy women to reconnect and recharge their spiritual, emotional and mental batteries. The events feature dynamic presenters, speakers, musicians and authors all with one purpose — to uplift, edify and enlighten each attendee.

Macy Robison is one such presenter. She will bring her “Children Will Listen” show to share with audiences in Phoenix on Nov. 4 on the "Choose to Become" tour. She will sing and interact with members of the audience as they share experiences on motherhood, life and everything in between that does and doesn’t work out as planned.

“ ‘Children Will Listen' is a cabaret-style show. Meaning that I sing and I talk to and interact with the audience. The songs I perform are from different Broadway shows and LDS songwriters,” said Robison. “During the show, through song lyrics and spoken word, I share with the women my personal motherhood story and experiences, as well as my reflections on motherhood and the many forms that it can take.”

With a background and education in music education, singing, performing and dancing, Robison’s shows aren’t just any ordinary static theater experience for herself or audience members.

“I bring a little bit of theater and fun to the stage. But I hope as I tell my story the women will stop and reflect on their own lives. We all have a vision for what our life will be like and the path we will take. But it rarely, if ever, turns out the way we envision. However, if we can keep our perspective, we will see that the path we are on is the path the Lord intends for us,” Robison said.

Robison’s show started as a one-time presentation in Boston for a women’s salon group. Group members took turns each month to present and it was Robison’s passion for motherhood and her self-described non-traditional route to that role that inspired her presentation.

“I thought presenting my story through music and spoken word would make for an interesting presentation. That first performance went really well — lots of laughter and tears and tissues being passed around the room — and it was a joy to share that experience with these women that I loved,” Robison said.

Though the show had only been intended for a one-night performance, other Relief Societies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire asked Robison to perform her show. However, it was a Utah presentation for her family combined with a fireside in 2009 that brought her to the Time Out for Women family.

After her presentation in Utah in 2009, she began working with the program staff to develop her ideas and presentation into her current production. She recorded her first CD, “Children Will Listen,” for Deseret Book in fall 2010.

Her first performance on the Time Out for Women ticket was an unforgettable one.

”My first Time Out for Women performance was in Ogden this past February — five weeks after giving birth to my daughter,” Robison said.

Since that first performance, Robison has hit the road across the United States and Canada on this year’s tour schedule.

“I had the chance to perform in Nashville, Oklahoma City, Calgary, Pocatello, Logan and Reno this year. I'll also be presenting in Phoenix in November,” Robison said.

She hopes that women attending her show will be uplifted and gain new insights into their lives.

“My hope is that the women will see the hand of the Lord in their lives and have a new perspective and sense of gratitude for the things that they have been called on to go through,” Robison said.

As a busy mother, performer and photographer, Robison understands how valuable time is for women. Yet Robison encourages attending the event for more than just sanity’s sake.

“We are so very busy as women. It's vital that we take the chance to sit and think and reflect on the things the Lord is trying to teach us. At a Time Out for Women event, you get to laugh so hard you are crying and then feel the Spirit so strongly that those tears continue to flow,” Robison said.

Not only does Robison enjoy performing at Time Out for Women events, she also is uplifted herself. She learns alongside the event participants and learns new ways to strengthen her own family.

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“I just love Time Out for Women. It is so humbling to be on that stage as a presenter and to have the chance to share the things that I've learned,” Robison said. “It's even more humbling to have the opportunity to meet the amazing women in the audience and have them share with me their lives and the lessons they have learned. Every event is different because of the women who are there and are prepared to hear what the Spirit needs to teach them."

Regardless of background, Robison feels that there are more threads that unite women than keep them apart.

“While everyone's story is unique, there are elements in our stories we all share in common that bind us together. There is power in that bond we share as women. As women, we have a special ability to nurture and to mother those around us, and we have that ability regardless of whether we've had the opportunity to give birth to children of our own,” Robison said.