There are reports that Missouri is headed to the Southeastern Conference. If that happens, the Big 12 would be left with nine teams. What does the league do next?

According to Dick Weiss of the New York Daily News, "the Big 12 is currently in discussions with BYU to fill that slot."

However, in a recent ESPN report, "Louisville and West Virginia are two of the leading choices for the Big 12 if it needs to replace Missouri."

The Kansas City Star reports that "Brigham Young is not out of the Big 12 expansion picture, an official said. BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe said on Saturday that there have been discussions between the Big 12 and BYU but no invitation. Holmoe smartly reminded reporters how quickly the TCU action transpired, in a matter of days from the initial call from Big 12 interim athletic director Chuck Neinas to the press conference introducing the Horned Frogs to the conference."

Meanwhile, the Kitsap Sun reports that BYU and Washington State have entered into a home-and-home series. Washington State athletic director Bill Moos "announced Monday that Washington State has finalized agreements on home-and-home games with Boise State and Brigham Young. A similar deal with Wisconsin was announced previously. BYU visits Washington State in 2013, followed by Wisconsin in 2014 and Boise State in 2017. The Cougars play at BYU next year, travel to Wisconsin in 2015 and visit Boise State in 2016."

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Finally, former BYU quarterback John Beck is vying for the starting job this week for the Washington Redskins. According to the Washington Post, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will name his starter, either Beck or Rex Grossman, on Wednesday. “I got two guys that I believe in,” Shanahan said Monday. “I believe in Rex and I believe in John Beck. I’ve told you that from day one. Both guys, I’m hoping, are going to be here for a long time . . . Both these guys can play. I’ve been around quarterbacks in the National Football League for a long time, and I know these guys got what it takes, and whichever direction we go, that guy is going to [get] an opportunity to show us what he can do on game day.”