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This conference-themed wordle depicts a song.

Conference wordles: It’s time again for the semiannual “Conference Wordles” game at Keepapitchinin. If you’ve played before, you know that you click in and scroll through the wordles (the textual pictures that depict the themes of a talk or song) and guess which wordle goes with which conference address or hymn. Don’t look at the comments until you are ready, since the answers will be there. I love seeing these beautiful depictions of major conference ideas and teachings. Click in to play!

Steve Young: OK, here’s a bit of Friday fun. Watch this “Steve Young Birthday Flash Mob” his wife, Barb, secretly prepared for a delightful birthday surprise. Watch as the Youngs are sitting for a nice family/friends birthday lunch when a woman comes to ask for his autograph. What happens next is a huge flash mob dance, all in honor of Steve Young. Love it!

LDS album: Want an album full of LDS artists who have musical talents from rap to indie to violin? Check out this free-with-donation album compilation from Linescratchers. As this blogger explains, “I think this is an important step in really showing what Latter-day Saints are capable of creating artistically in modern times. No doubt in 100 years, Mormon historians would probably be interested in these tracks, just to see what Mormon artists of the early 21st century did.” Awesome!

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Columbus Day: I know Columbus Day 2011 has come and gone, but I thought this beautiful letter from President Clark Hinckley to his missionaries in the Spain Barcelona Mission was still worth highlighting. Here’s a snippet: “Like Columbus, you are engaged in a life-changing adventure. You may meet with many obstacles, as did Columbus, but the work you do will have eternal impact. Like Columbus, the learning of the world is of little use to you — it really doesn’t matter how smart you are, how talented you are or how well you speak. What matters is the fire that burns within you, urging you to press forward! May that same fire that burned in the heart of Columbus burn within every missionary in the Spain Barcelona Mission.” Click in to read the rest!

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