Six big binders encompass a Braille Book of Mormon

Kinshasa Temple: Twelve exclamations points follow these African missionaries' joyful declaration that there is going to be “A Temple in the Congo!!!!!!!!!!!!” They explain how it will change the Saints’ lives there: “Previously, our members have had to fly to South Africa to go to be sealed in the temple. It costs over $2000 per person to get there. …These amounts are huge for most of the people here, and they have to save and scrimp to save anything over the basics of staying alive. They only have the opportunity to attend a temple once in their lives, to get their own endowments and be sealed as man and wife, for time and all eternity. When our temple is built in Kinshasa, it will be about a seven-hour bus ride from Pointe Noire. … Attending the temple annually or quarterly will be a possibility for them!” That is just so incredible!

Mormon message: Of course I’m going to perk up when I see a Mormon Messages for Youth video on the uses and abuses of technology. This powerful message comes from Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve, who counsels the youths to see "Things as They Really Are,” even if it means putting the technology down. He’s also quick to mention the many good uses of technology. Check it out!

Historic missionary: "Presidente and Hermana Hinckley spent 24 hours in Ma (or Mahn) on Saturday and Sunday for a very special event: Presidente Hinckley set apart Eddy Perez Familia as a full-time missionary. Eddy is the first missionary to be called from the island of Menorca. He will serve in the Spain Madrid Mission." How awesome for this small island of saints to have one of their own as a new missionary. Click in to learn more about "Merorca's First Missionary!"

Braille scriptures: Have you ever seen a “Braille Book of Mormon”? Compared to the English Book of Mormon, it is six huge binders full of Braille type. Wow! These African missionaries were so excited to receive one so a young blind boy they are teaching can begin reading the word of God.

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