Danny Ainge enjoyed a legendary basketball career at BYU, leading the Cougars to a Sweet 16 run in 1981. More than two decases later, his son, Austin, played at BYU.

Now, a third Ainge will join the Cougars soon.

Cooper Ainge, a 6-foot point guard from Wellesley in Massachussetts, has committed to walk-on at BYU next year. His plan is to spend one year with the Cougars before leaving for a mission.

β€”It looks like the Big 12 is stabilizing with an announcement Monday that it will share television revenue. That is an important step for BYU, which appears to be a candidate to join that league.

β€”Accordingly, it appears the Big 12, once again, will survive conference expansion upheaval.

β€”The Kansas City Star has a look at how revenue was divided up among Big 12 members in 2009-10.