PUYALLUP, Wash. —Susan Powell's two sons were very upset when they were told during a visit at the home of Chuck Cox last year that it was time to go.

"He didn't want to let go of my arm. I had to physically pick him up and set him on the couch," Susan's aunt Pam Cox said in a statement filed in court.

The information was revealed in new documents from last week's shelter care dependency hearing involving the children of Susan Cox Powell that have been made public.

Last week, a Pierce County Court judge ruled it was not safe for the two sons of Josh and Susan Powell, ages 4 and 6, to currently stay in Josh Powell's Washington home and placed the boys in the temporary custody of Chuck and Judy Cox, the boys' maternal grandparents.

During the hearing, the Washington state Children's Administration said it believed Josh Powell was responsible for his wife's disappearance, a sentiment shared by the Cox family.

Susan Cox Powell has been missing since December 2009. Although Josh Powell has been named a person of interest in the case by West Valley police, he has not been called a suspect or charged with a crime. Powell has denied having any involvement with his wife's disappearance.

Pam Cox, Chuck Cox's sister, was in the courtroom during the hearing in Tacoma, Wash.

In a statement presented to the court that was just recently made public, Pam Cox recalled an incident in March 2010 when she was at the Cox house where the two boys were visiting.

While looking at a book with the boys, there was a picture of a woman in a swimsuit who was swimming, according to court documents. One of the boys pointed to the woman's chest and said, "Mommy and (owie)."

The incident was also told to the judge by the Coxes' attorney in court during the dependency hearing.

When it was time to leave the Cox home, the boy, still sitting on Pam Cox's lap, clutched her arm "really tight and started to cry," she said in her statement.

When the other boy, who had been making crafts on the kitchen table heard they were leaving, "he started scrabbling out very aggressively the pictures he made us. He then proceeded to rip them up into little pieces and cry," according to Cox's statement in court documents.

For months, Josh Powell wouldn't allow his boys to visit the Coxes and he asked for a restraining order to prevent contact.

Part of the judge's ruling last week also called for counseling for the boys, a psychological evaluation for Josh Powell and allowed him to have supervised visitation with his sons on Sundays for three hours.

Steven Powell, Josh's father, who was living with Josh in his house, faces charges of voyeurism and possession of child pornography and remained in the Pierce County Jail Monday.

The state claimed during the custody hearing that Josh Powell was also the subject of a pornography investigation. Powell denied the charges and said his computers did not have any child porn on them.

The next court hearing on the custody matter was scheduled for Nov. 15.

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