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A sharable picture sparked by a general conference talk by Elder Ian S. Ardern of the First Quorum of the Seventy.


If you come away with anything from this column, please let it be the above link. Go there to watch, listen and, later in the week (by Thursday), read this last weekend’s general conference addresses.

Conference is over, but the reaction to general conference is just getting started. It will continue in the blogs, off and on, for the next six months. Here are a few of the early reactions, plus a few videos as bonus!

Blogger Jocelyn Christensen is taking the charge of “Sharing General Conference” very seriously and produced some beautiful and sharable (or pin-able) image cards that were sparked by conference messages. On a picture of a girl praying one reads, “Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text. -Ian S. Arden.” Another says, “Let us look up. -Thomas S. Monson” over a girl looking straight into the blue sky. And there are more. She has just made it all too easy to share your testimony of general conference.

I love the Diapers and Divinity general conference blog site that, per her tradition, keeps the conference talk going for six months. You can join her “GCBC: General Conference Book Club” that talks about a conference talk each week. And check out the latest post: the “General Conference Meme and Blog-Share” where you can candidly answer about your favorite speakers, favorite quotes and even the talk that spoke to you the most. Here’s another example of a blogger using this template to review her conference experience. Love it!

Now going back to the previous weekend, this blogger compiled a list of “14 things I loved about general women’s conference.” Here are a few of her favorites: “I loved how much emphasis there was on rejoicing.” And “I loved that President Uchtdorf said we need to be patient with ourselves as well as with others.” Nice.

Finally, here are a few videos that show some personal general conference experiences. First is an entry to the church’s social media initiative “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” that chronicles attending the “Priesthood Session.” Cool, eh? And I just laughed and laughed at this delightful video of a toddler just not being able to stay awake to listen to a conference talk. So cute!

Now let me point out other post-conference reaction posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: Some of my favorite posts that come after general conference are the “reaction to temple announcement" posts. Here are three. First. this blogger is “Still in shock” about the announcement of the Star Valley, Wyo., temple. She says, “I will probably be doing the dance of joy started by my mother for quite some time. It still doesn't seem real, and probably won't until we see the spires of this future edifice.”

Similarly, these missionaries in Africa were overjoyed about the announcement of “A TEMPLE IN KINSHASA.” They exclaim, “It's a glorious day! We couldn't believe our ears and then we couldn't control our tears. We're so grateful to the Lord for this miraculous blessing!”

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Plus, I just loved cjane’s tweet about the Provo Tabernacle to be-turned temple: “I HAVEN'T BEEN THIS EXCITED SINCE I WAS BORN!!!!!! Provo gets second temple!!! #ldsconf”

Techie tip: Yesterday I featured the “From Leaders” link that relays the conference messages that were specifically targeted toward the youth of the church. Well, now the youth of the church can reciprocate, as the "New Era" magazine is asking the youth to “Share Your Conference Experiences” from this past weekend. Click in to participate!

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