Deseret News

Missouri is expected to decide this week whether to remain in the Big 12 or jump to the Southeastern Conference.

"A decision for the ages may await the Tigers," writes Blair Kerkoff of the Kansas City Star. "Interest from the Southeastern Conference appears real, and the school’s Board of Curators’ meeting on Tuesday will address the issue."

So how does this affect BYU? The Big 12 could act soon to expand, and the Cougars are one of the leading candidates to become a member of the Big 12.

"Whatever Mizzou’s future holds, the Big 12 seems determined to replenish," Kerkoff writes. "Rumors ran rampant last week that Brigham Young and the conference had come to an agreement, a story denied by both sides. But BYU remains a favorite, a school that at some point in the last month, when it was becoming apparent Texas A&M would leave for the SEC, was seen as a schedule filler for the Aggies. Just plug the A&M holes on everybody’s schedule next year with BYU. It might not have been that easy, but perhaps a starting point."'s David Ubben makes his case that Missouri should stay in the Big 12.

"Yes, the Big 12 is dysfunctional. Yes, you might have to deal with this kind of drama again soon," Ubben writes. "But sit down and listen: The SEC is not the answer. Have a little self-respect and perspective, Mizzou. Sure, maybe you get left behind last year if the Big 12 breaks up. In today's cash-driven world of college athletics, how long would that have lasted? You're now the SEC's most realistic 14th team. If that's not a wakeup call, a sign that you bring plenty to the table, then what is? The football program is winning, the fans are showing up and you're located between two major media markets."

Finally, here's a piece in the Sacramento Bee on former BYU star Jimmer Fredette.

"Men old enough to be his father can't wait to take a picture of him. Young women shriek with excitement when they see him," writes Jason Jones. "Using side and back exits of hotels has become the norm the past couple of years. That's life for Jimmer Fredette, who was selected by the Kings in the first round of June's NBA draft. Or, as fellow first-round pick Kemba Walker said, it's like watching Justin Bieber."