"From Church Leaders" youth site with October 2011 conference messages.

Conference YouTube: By Saturday afternoon, the Mormon Messages General Conference YouTube playlist had conference address uploaded. By the time you see this, a bit all the conference talks are up and ready to watch or rewatch. Enjoy!

Conference site: By Sunday afternoon, the youth site had uploaded this magnificent resource “From Leaders” to young men and young women. Check out what specific general conference messages the leaders of the church directed to the youths of the church.

Conference Facebook: Social media outlets lit up with conference mentions through Twitter, Facebook and blog posts and comments. One of my favorite Facebook mentions was this click to the LDS Philanthropies link regarding how you can donate online to the Temple Patron Fund just minutes after President Thomas S. Monson mentioned it. Check it out, and if you feel so inclined, donate!

Post conference: You can click into watch the new "5000 Days Project: Two Brothers" that premiered on BYUTV last night right after conference. The reviews throughout the blogs are so complimentary. As a refresher, here's the Mormon Messages for Youth video called "Two Brothers Apart" from last year that features the Nelson brothers from the movie. Enjoy!

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