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The Mormon Bachelorette
Ashley Chapman, a 27-year-old Mesa, Ariz., native, was "The Mormon Bachelorette" for the online series' third season.

“You win some, you lose some,” comes to mind at the close of the third season of the online reality series, “The Mormon Bachelorette.”

The season premiered nearly three months ago on July 1, aiming to help Mesa, Ariz., native Ashley Chapman find love. (Click here to watch her application video.)

The show matched Chapman up for 22 first dates. Chapman picked eight men for second dates and the plan was for her to pick one in the end to continue dating.

“The track record was 100 percent from the first season,” said Luke Johnson, creative director of the show, to LDS Living Magazine shortly before the season finale. “Our first bachelorette was married in the temple (and now has) a baby, our second bachelor is seriously dating someone from his season, and we’re coming down to the finale of season three within the next week.”

Hopes were high when the Deseret News last visited "The Mormon Bachelorette."

But when the series finale was posted on Sept. 14 on "The Mormon Bachelorette" blog, the ending may have surprised some fans. Chapman did not choose to continue dating any of her original 22 suitors.

“As it got to the end, I had two that I really, really liked. I didn’t have a dead ringer,” Chapman told My Fox Phoenix in an interview. She explained, just as she did in the finale video, that she “kept in conversation” with the two men and that the timing was wrong with one and it just wasn’t right with the other.

Despite this, Chapman has re-entered the dating world and is grateful for her “Mormon Bachelorette” experience.

In the finale video and blog post, Chapman quoted the late Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, of the Quorum of the Twelve: “Come what may, and love it.”

“I am forever changed by 'The Mormon Bachelorette,’ ” she wrote. “Thanks for joining me on the journey.”

The producers and directors who run the series have since launched a wedding giveaway in hopes of providing a happy ending of sorts to the season.

“Toward the end of season three of 'The Mormon Bachelorette' with Ashley, we knew that she wasn't going to pick anyone for a final date,” executive producer Erin Elton explained to the Deseret News via email. “While it saddened us that Ashley didn't find a man through this experience, we were also happy that she made the right choice for her.”

Elton said that the since the producers are focused on finding eternal companions for men and women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, they wanted to use their resources to put on a wedding for someone.

The Mormon Bachelorette Wedding Giveaway is currently accepting applications. Couples are invited to submit videos telling their love stories for a chance to win a wedding, from reception center to invitations to the cake — it offers the whole deal.

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Submissions close Oct. 15. The couples’ videos will be posted to "The Mormon Bachelorette" blog starting Oct. 16, allowing viewers to vote on couples until Oct. 30. The winning couple will be announced Oct. 31.

Elton’s biggest suggestion for couples who want to give it a shot? Be genuine.

“One thing we have learned through producing 'The Mormon Bachelorette' is that people can see right through ‘fake’ intentions,” Elton said.

For more information about "The Mormon Bachelorette," the wedding giveaway or to submit a video, visit the blog at mormonbachelorette.com. The previous two seasons can be viewed on "The Mormon Bachelorette" blog or YouTube channel.

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