Tweeting conference: I planned on writing a little guide about tweeting general conference, but this blogger nicely did it for me. So here are "10 Tips for Tweeting #LDSConf on Twitter.” Why do members tweet general conference? Well, for one, it’s fun and fascinating to see others testify and talk about the conference talk in real-time and in Twitter summary. And secondly, as this blogger explains, “I really enjoy tweeting #LDSConf, and over the last few months I've given some thought about how we can do it more effectively. We want to create the most positive experience we can, for those not of our faith, who follow our online conversations when we share the gospel. Because frankly, that's why most of us do it.” And since it usually becomes a trending topic during conference, others not of our faith often wonder why and click in. And just as a note, #comelisten is the new Twitter hashtag for the “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” social media initiative. So be sure to follow both!

President Monson: Want to see a video excerpt of President Thomas S. Monson’s first ever conference address as an apostle? Someone found it and uploaded it to Facebook. The year was 1963 and he was only 36. Wow! What a fun thing to show your family this conference weekend.

Prepare yourself: Pray a lot. Write down ideas, thoughts and questions you have, and be looking for specific answers. Listen for the repeats. These are just some of the ideas compiled in this inspiring post on “Preparing Yourself for general conference.” Click in for the rest!

BYU football: I don’t care if you’re a BYU football fan or not, you must check out these hilarious “On Your Feet” videos by comedian Stephen Jones. The one on blocking had me giggling all day.

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